25 at 25

This year I decided to do something a little different for a “new year’s resolution”. I find it hard to stick to one thing throughout the year, and instead made a list of 25 things I wanted to do while I am still 25. My birthday is September 18, so I have 6 months to go. Some are things to do weekly, some are things to do once, some are things to accomplish over time. Some of them I am already falling behind on, but this list is a constant reminder of where I am placing my priorities this year.

25 at 25

1. Find a Church

2. Clean out my closet

3. Surprise Travis

4. Work out every week until 9/18

5. Keep up a monthly budget

6. Talk to my girlfriends every week

7. Save every month for a new car

8. Call Poppi weekly

9. Keep up a manicure

10. Construct a gallery wall in my room

11. Try 5 new restaurants

12. Teach Major a trick

13. Get euro pillow shams

14. Eat at an indian restaurant

15. Get rid of some shoes

16. Hike Mt. Bonnell

17. Keep up my 4.0 GPA

18. Go visit Travis

19. Post on my blog at least once a month

20. Visit Dallas

21. Visit Houston

22. RUN a 5-k

23. Try 5 new recipes

24. Host a party

25. Go to a concert 

Many of these are weekly or monthly challenges, so I will not be able to cross them off until September, but check back then, or feel free to send me weekly/monthly reminders to keep me accountable. Have you challenged yourself this year? New Year’s resolution? Promises to yourself? How are you keeping yourself accountable?



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