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So I have officially jumped on the BB Creme bandwagon. My reasons in VERY particular order. 

1) It removes about 5 minutes of my morning make-up regimen. MORE SLEEP.

2) I vowed to add the SPF for 2013.

3) Everyone’s doing it. 

So naturally, like every other beauty product I want to try, I walked into Sephora and said, which BB Creme should I buy? The woman asked if I had any preferences, and I said SPF, tinted and matte finish. She lead me to this… 


Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm 

I love it. My shade is “Creme Glow”, and I have completely substituted my moisturizer, SPF, concealer, foundation and powder for this. It is not quite as matte as I wanted, so I do recommend a translucent finishing powder for a more polished look. I invested in Make Up For Ever HD Micfofinish powder, and it is AWESOME. 


Do you have any new beauty products you are loving or hated? 



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Birchbox Exposed Pt. 2

This week has been CRAZY busy for me as I am preparing for a 6 day business trip. I leave tomorrow for Frisco, TX and then head straight to Philadelphia, PA on Saturday for 4 days.

I was hoping to get my Birchbox reviews done one at a time this week, but it looks like I will have to double up.

Oh well, that means more product in less time for you!

PRODUCT: ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray Purse size

DESCRIPTION: A fine spray that adds texture and volume to boring second-day hair.

POSITIVES: It doesn’t leave a residue like dry shampoos. It adds volume and texture like stated. It smells FABULOUS!

NEGATIVES: It does not get rid of shine/grease that your old hair style may have produced like dry shampoo does.

WOULD I PURCHASE MORE: Probably not. The price is a bit more than I would spend on something I didn’t love. I recommend UNITE 7 second dry shampoo, and it is more affordable.

PRODUCT: EBOOST Health Booster Tablets (Orange Flavor) 10 tablets

DESCRIPTION: Effervescent tablets that dissolve in 8 oz. of water to boost energy, immunity and curve appetite

POSITIVES: I did not like this product

NEGATIVES: I am very picky about things like this, and I did not like that I could taste the vitamins in the product. It also took over a minute to dissolve into the water and on top of that I felt terrible the day after I drank it.

WOULD I PURCHASE MORE: Absolutely not. The only way I will finish the bottle I have is to maybe blend them into a smoothie to trick myself.

Have you tried any new products lately?

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Birchbox Exposed

If you are not a member of Birchbox, you are seriously missing out! It known for its monthly subscription of top-of-the-line trial beauty supplies, and it is only $10 a month! I purchased a subscription for my roommate for Christmas, and I was getting seriously jealous of her monthly package of surprise goodies, so I purchased a box for myself.

I bought the Gorgeous On The Go box for myself, and sent the Here Comes The Bride box to my sister for a little de-stressing surprise. My box had 7 great things for an active lifestyle.

Next week I will be featuring a different one of the products each day with a run-down of my opinion. Stay tuned for more information!

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