Friday Photos

I have turned a new leaf. I have advanced my every day. I have purchased an iPhone. Now, you will get photos every Friday of my week at a glance. Lucky you.

This week was hectic getting to know my iPhone. For example, Monday I set one alarm for AM and one alarm for PM (accidentally), so I was a little behind getting my day started, and Wednesday I forgot to set my alarm all together so I was 2 hours behind schedule. Needless to say this week’s Friday Photos includes 2 cups of coffee!

New iPhone

Monday morning Coffee

Cupcakes I made for Valentines

Valentines Flowers from Travis

A sweet card from my Valentine

Coffee this morning after coming in at 6:15 am

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What are the odds that BOTH of my roommates have birthdays this month?! I have been doing a little shopping to find them the right gifts, but it has been harder than I thought with Christmas just wrapping up. While shopping around, I found a few steals that I wanted to share with you!

 1. Rebecca Minkoff Best Friends iPhone Case

2. Kendra Scott – Rana Ring

3. Mustache Necklace 

4. Cole Haan Medium Cosmetic Case

5. J Crew Hand Enameled Bracelet 

Don’t worry roomies, this isn’t going to ruin any surprise. Plus, neither of you have iPhones anyways!

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