Graduate School UPDATE

Well I have officially been a graduate student for 9 months, and I will be graduating in about 10 months. Halfway-ish?

Work/school/puppy/travel/every-friend-I-have-is-getting-married keeps me away from this blog, which I hate, but I will one day be back. Here is a little image to keep you on hold until I have time to write an actual post.

6a216d2f42f9e961eaa2e642081de2b5Found/stolen from Pinterest.

Until next time, friends. CHEERS!



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Back to School

This August I will not be headed back to college because I have graduated. Sad day. I am however studying for my GRE through a Kaplan class, and it has me inspired to learn more. I have decided to start with these three books.


1) My boyfriend is currently reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and it seems quite interesting.


2) The movie The Help hits theaters tomorrow and I am hoping to hold off seeing it until reading the Kathryn Stockett hit.



3) Lastly, you can never be over prepared for a cocktail party. That is why I am pick up Lis Lillien’s Hungry Girl Happy Hour.

What are you feeding your brain with these days?

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My two favorite back to school items growing up were new tennis shoes and organizers. This year, there will be no “back-to-school” for me, however I recently purchased a new pair of tennis shoes, thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and I am feeling the need to purchase an agenda book to accompany them. I have decided on a 2012 Large Agenda from Lilly Pulitzer, but I am struggling to pick a pattern. I love all four of them! Please help!

Find this planner HERE.

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